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What defines a pizza?

Published: 20th December 2020

What is happiness for you? For me, it is a hot box of pizza in my lap. Name a food that has the same cult love that a Pizza has. I’ll wait. There are so many varieties of pizzas that are enjoyed across the globe. Be it a Neapolitan or a Sicilian. May it be from Chicago or New York. Pizza comes in all shapes, sizes, and styles. But have you ever wondered what defines a pizza exactly?

For most of us, a pizza is an intricately baked flatbread topped with a flavourful tomato sauce and lusciously spread cheese. And what makes a pizza personalized is the choice of toppings we put. Some people enjoy a fully-loaded pizza with a great portion of toppings and some relish a simple Margherita pizza.

But I have always thought- Is a pizza just limited to that? Can some tweaks be done to the primary ingredients change our definition of pizza? Well, I have an interesting viewpoint on it. Want to know my answers? Then keep reading!

Is pizza still a pizza without cheese?

Cheese has been one of the core ingredients when it comes to making a pizza. Different people across the globe, enjoy different kinds of cheese with their pizza. Some go for mozzarella, some for cheddar and there is even an army of lovers of blue cheese pizza.

Making a pizza without cheese seems almost bizarre but when you see it from a different standoff, there are a lot of people who prefer eating pizza without cheese. How do they do that?

For obvious reasons, a vegan would avoid putting cheese on their pizza. They would indulge in vegan cheese or grated Tofu for that matter. But skipping on putting cheese on pizza is not just limited to opting a healthy lifestyle choice. People from some parts of the world, ditch the conventional pizza baking methods and devour their pizza sans any cheese! Let’s have a look at them

  • Parts of Utica and Philidelphia have a pizza that they call the tomato pie. Instead of the stringy cheese, they put a thick layer of scrumptious tomato sauce that people relish in abundance.
  • Pesto pizza is also one dish that has garnered a lot of love. People like the earthy taste of pesto over their toppings and skip out on the cheese. This also makes pizza a healthier food option for many.
  • Pizza Alla Marinara is a beautiful hand-baked flatbread kneaded to perfection and topped with a piping hot marinara sauce that is full of flavors and can stimulate all parts of your mouth. This dish is so comforting and delicious that people do not prefer any toppings or cheese to go with it.

After looking at these extravagant and mouth-watering options, if anytime someone will ask me-Is pizza still a pizza without cheese? My answer would be a resounding yes!

Is pizza still a pizza without tomato sauce?

As crazy as it sounds, a pizza is still a pizza even if it comes without any tomato sauce. When pizza first came into being, it was enjoyed just by its crust and garnishings. Tomato sauce came much later into the picture. Well, that was past but to date, some culinary methods have remained the same. People still reach out for pizza that comes without a tomato sauce. Let’s look at those options!

  • Cofaccino, also known as blind-baked cofaccino, is a popular Tuscan delicacy that is baked with lightly drizzled olive oil and served with a pinch of salt and other herbs. You can also add toppings of your choice, but it is best enjoyed blind (without any toppings or sauce)
  • Traditional Neapolitan Pizza is a veteran when it comes to pizza history. It is topped with cheese, veggies, and sausage. It has no spec of tomato sauce and is still enjoyed thoroughly by people for ages.
  • Pizza di Pasqua is a pastry-like savory. It originated from Abruzzo and made its way into the hearts of food lovers. It is enjoyed on Easter Monday with eggs and wine. It has no cheese and no sauce and it still is a pizza!

Is pizza still a pizza without its fine flour crust?

Today, the cooking methods have changed and alternative method and ingredients have made their way into the kitchen. There are so many options that a person can choose from when it comes to making a fusion pizza base. Some of the most popular choices are:

  • Cauliflower
  • Quinoa
  • Oats
  • Raw potato

These bases are not only healthy but give your pizza a surprisingly beautiful taste and texture. I have personally baked a quinoa pizza and couldn’t have enjoyed it more!

Having said that, what seems like the building blocks of our most loved pizza can certainly be tweaked and enjoyed just like an ordinary pizza. Being a pretty big pizza lover, you would want to experience the taste and flavor of all the pizzas mentioned above and more.

A pizza has a broad spectrum and cannot be limited to our checklist ingredients, sauces, and crust. It is a universal food that is savored by each country in its own unique way.

Today, even the commercial pizza makers are redefining their pizzas and making bold choices with the sort of topping they choose and skip. More and more people are liking the adventures of indulging their taste palette with pizzas of different shapes, sizes, flavors, and styles.

Pizzas have also made their way into the dessert section of our menus. Trust me, chocolate pizzas are to die for! There are so many toppings- marshmallows, sprinkles, gems, gummies, etc that you can choose to be on your pizza.

So make that pizza slice your canvas and go bananas with your choices because there is no stopping when it comes to the world of pizza!

Shane - Owner of Make Some Pizza

Who Am I?

Hi, I'm Shane, and I want you to make some pizza at home.

I'm a huge fan of Pizza; I had my first pizza as a child in the late 80s when Pizza Hut came into the town where I grew up, and the rest was history. Does pineapple belong on pizza? Well, I for one think so. My favourite pizza is Ham, Pineapple, Chicken and Jalapenos on a thin crust base.

Over the last few years, I've been getting more and more involved with baking, and this has led me into the world of homemade pizza, my somewhat slight addiction for pizza has led me to create this site, Make Some Pizza.

Make Some Pizza, will be full of tips, recipes and some reviews of products that can help you master making pizza at home.

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