Can you eat pizza and lose weight?
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Can you eat pizza and lose weight?

Published: 10th December 2020

If you’re trying to lose weight and you're a really big fan of pizza, you could be concerned about how much pizza you are eating. After all, the majority of today’s pizza isn’t the healthiest. The average pizza sold at fast food joints is far from a balanced meal. It’s packed with lower quality processed food, salts and sugars, all which are relatively unnatural and toxic to the body.

To answer your question, whether you can eat pizza when trying to lose weight – that depends on what’s in your pizza and how often you eat it.

Pizza and alkaline-balanced diet

When on a weight loss diet, you’ll want to avoid acidic-forming waste foods; and foods with high calories and carbohydrate content.

Some vegan nutritionists suggest that an alkaline-based diet, which comprises less-acidic waste, creates the right chemical balance for the body cells to detoxify and regenerate.

Furthermore, eating acidic-waste foods is the cause of all degenerative diseases and obesity. Existing research in this field recommends switching to foods that will balance the acid-alkaline PH levels in our bodies. When this happens, it triggers a variety of health benefits, including detoxifying the body and promoting weight loss.

When our bodies operate at low-acid levels, healing is accelerated. That means, to restore your health, and even lose weight, it’s paramount to incorporate an alkaline-balanced diet.

This doesn’t mean to avoid acidic foods but rather to avoid acidic waste foods. Eating the right foods normalizes the digestion rate. At least 75% of your diet should comprise fresh fruits and vegetables – juiced, raw or stewed.

You’re not prohibited from eating pizza, but there is pizza you’ll want to avoid, in the interests of eating right. Mass-produced pizza is loaded with unnatural foods, all acid-forming. You can work this out by having a home-made pizza using natural foods.

Knead the pizza dough with gluten-free flour for the crust. Use raw foods like cheese, fruits, and vegetables for the toppings. Avoid using red meat often. If you have to use meat, go for grass-fed cow’s meat that’s free from hormones. There are creative ways to make the pizza spreads with “home-made meatless spreads like pepperoni crumbs or barbecue crumbs.

Eating pizza as a cheat meal

Going cold turkey, and following a strict diet plan isn’t always easy. Sometimes, you’ll find yourself craving for the same exact foods you’re trying to avoid. One way you can eat pizza and still lose weight is by including it as a cheat meal. That means you would only have pizza once a week, biweekly or a month.

Some experts suggest that by including a cheat meal while on a weight loss diet, you can actually burn more calories. A meal packed with calories can boost your leptin levels by up to 28 percent. Leptin is a critical hormone that regulates your appetite, energy levels, and the levels of fats your body is burning.

Fat cells in the body produce the leptin hormone. It controls the fat levels in our bodies by signalling to the brain to regulate appetite. When the body’s cells have plenty of fats, leptin levels go up and you eat less while burning more calories. In contrast, when the cells are fat deficient, the hormone levels “go down”. In this case, the brain receives a message to increase your appetite. You eat more and burn fewer calories then.

Pizza is one of the high-calories diets you can incorporate as a cheat meal. But the caveat here is that we’re talking about pizza that’s free from unnatural, processed foods. For instance, keto-pizza has high-calorie content.

Sticking to a weight loss diet isn’t always a smooth ride. Instead of quitting and allowing yourself to revert to unhealthy eating habits, you could include a cheat meal once or twice in your dietary routine. A nutritious slice of pizza can be the perfect cheat meal, in this case. A slice of pizza has about 50-70 calories. It can keep you motivated to stick to a weight loss program.

Final word

So, Can you eat pizza and lose weight? Yes, you can lose weight and still eat pizza. But the caveat here is that you’re eating a healthy pizza packed with nutrient-value foods that will energize your metabolism.

Still, you’d not be eating pizza every day. Your diet should comprise acidic-alkaline foods. Such foods have nutrients that regenerate the body. You’ll want to avoid junk-free pizza that’s packed with acidic-waste forming ingredients. You can enjoy pizza and still keep your weight in check. Just make sure your slice is packed with nutrients that nourish regenerate the body. But the rule of the thumb is to have pizza once or twice a month, particularly if you’re trying to restore your health or lose weight.

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