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8 Non-Traditional Pizzas You Need To Try

Published: 10th March 2022

Pizza originated in Naples, Italy during the 18th century, but we’ve come a long way since then. There are tons of delicious new varieties of pizza that put a modern twist on this classic dish.

The 8 best non-traditional pizzas you need to try are dessert pizza, pretzel crust pizza, calzones, purple pizza, pizza quesadillas, deep fried battered pizza, pizza rolls, and fruit pizza.

We’ve brought you a guide to the best non-traditional pizza ideas around. Whether you are looking for a pizza that satisfies your sweet tooth, a decadent cheesy creation, or a healthier version of a comfort food, these pizzas are a new spin on an old favorite.

Dessert Pizza

One of the best non-traditional pizzas are dessert pizzas. There are so many combinations you can create and a variety of delicious toppings can be added. Start off with a normal pizza crust and decorate your dough with a themed array of toppings. If you want an extra sweet treat, use an extra large chocolate chip or sugar cookie cake as your “crust”.

The sauce of your dessert pizza could be cream cheese, raspberry puree, jelly, chocolate sauce, or nutella. Depending on your desired outcome, you might want to prepare your crust before or after you add the sauce.

Some of our favorite toppings ideas are sprinkles, mini marshmallows, apple crumble, chocolate chips, bananas, candied walnuts, chocolate drizzle, caramel sauce, Oreo crumbles, M ; Ms, peanut butter cups, or chopped peanuts.

Delicious themed dessert pizzas, like s’mores pizza or apple pie pizza, are great options. For lovers of ice cream, you can add a dollop of vanilla on the side to use as a dipping sauce. The flavor combinations you can create are endless, and the sugar rush will be sweet!

Pretzel Pizza Crust

Your favorite part of the pizza may or may not be the crust, but with this twist, the crust will surely be tasty! Pretzel dough is already very similar to pizza dough, but there are a few key differences which add a distinct taste to pretzel crusts.

When making soft pretzels, the dough is boiled in baking soda and water before it is baked. This forms a light shell around the outside of the pretzel, which makes it so satisfying to chomp. This process also adds a distinct pretzel-y taste to the dough itself. The crust of a pretzel pizza is also typically salted with large grain salt, just like the soft pretzels at a carnival!


Calzones are, in essence, folded pizzas that are inside out! Although they’ve been around for years, many people have not yet tasted their deliciousness.

In a calzone, all the edges of the dough are sealed and the toppings are contained on the inside of the dough. This means that the toppings and sauce stay nice and hot, and when you bite or cut into the dough, the toppings spill out.

Calzones are a portable way to grab your pizza to go and they can be hand held and dipped into marinara. Buen Appetito!

Purple Pizza

For those on a gluten free diet, a purple pizza is a fun and tasty way to enjoy pizza, without the traditional crust. In a purple pizza, the crust is made of purple cauliflower or purple sweet potato. This cuts the calories in the pizza, while still keeping the essence of the flavor, and adding some new flavors too!

Pizza Quesadilla

Pizza quesadillas, aka pizzadillas, are a twist on pizza that everyone will like. These fun treats are great during a birthday party or when served during the big game.

Quesadillas originated from Mexico and their name literally means “little cheesy thing” in Spanish. They are typically served with sour cream, salsa, and guacamole, and stuffed with Oaxaca and Chihuahua cheeses.

In pizza quesadillas, however, the tortilla is stuffed with mozzarella, as well as any other meats or veggies you like on your pizza, and served with marinara on the side. We can’t get enough of these cheesy finger foods!

Deep Fried Battered Pizza

You may not think pizza could get any better than in its original form, but after you taste deep fried battered pizza, your taste buds will be begging for more! This take on pizza starts with a normal cheesy pizza, which is then dipped in a fish and chips batter and deep fried.

You can enjoy the greasy goodness of this pizza with an additional side of marinara or garlic sauce. The deep fried shell is crispy and the cheese stays melted and stretchy. A deep fried battered pizza is the best way to satisfy a hungry family or indulge after a night out.

Pizza Rolls

Pizza rolls are a family favorite, for good reason! Pizza rolls may be frozen or homemade, and, either way, they are a tiny pocket of deliciousness. These bite sized squares of dough are filled with cheese and marinara sauce, and sometimes pepperoni. They are an easy appetizer or they can be served as a full meal.

Some people call pizza rolls pizza bites or pizza poppers. They were invented in Minnesota and ever since then, people can’t get enough!

Fruit Pizza

For those that are health conscious, this take on pizza will surely be a hit during the summer. A fruit pizza is exactly what the name implies: a pizza made out of fruit. You can choose fruits that are local and in season, or spice it up and add exotic fruits to your creation. The possibilities with fruit pizza are endless!

For your “crust”, you can either use a cookie or choose a large melon like a watermelon or cantaloupe. Cut the melon into a one inch wide strip, horizontally at the widest part of the fruit. This will create a flat, round, “dough” with the rind mimicking the look of a crust.

You can skip sauce or use a spread of low fat greek yogurt to help the topping stick. The toppings on your fruit pizza should be bite sized and mostly soft, like blueberries, strawberries, raisins, sliced kiwis, black berries, cut up bananas, or grapes. Yum!

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